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Just a note of thanks.
A light bulb went off for Lily last night in our back yard when she did a "Laurie Pirtle" move against her older brother and made a lay up on him. She then proceeded to practice a left handed behind the back move until she was comfortable with it. She finished off shooting 50 free throws and making 70% of them.
I can't tell you how much joy it brought me to see the confident smile on her face I've been waiting to see for a long time. Whether she plays basketball another day or not, the feeling I had as a father and the confidence she experienced last night was immeasurable to her maturing as an adult.
What you do for these kids is much more than teaching the game of basketball to them. They are learning skills, whether they know it or not, they'll take with them for the rest of their lives.
I just wanted to slow down for a second and say THANK YOU!
A greatful father,

Madelene LOVES the skills training, but I let Coach Pirtle know that Madelene does have ONE complaint. Her complaint is that Coach Pirtle makes her so tired that all she wants to do is come home and relax. Isn't that just so awful?!?! :)

Madelene looks forward to attending every week. I think Coach Pirtle does a fantastic job training them, but most importantly, she's helping Madelene believe in herself and building up her self esteem. That is awesome!




"All of the work and practice has really helped me to achieve one of my goals. I made the Lakota Ridge basketball team.   I have noticed a huge change in the way I play basketball.  I am very fortunate to have a coach like you with so much experience to teach me more and more and to help me to improve on my skills."

"On behalf of the girls basketball program we are truly blessed to have someone like Coach Pirtle working with our student-athletes.  I can already see the improvement in all of the players that she has worked with.  As a Head Coach you are always looking for ways to improve yourself and your team, and Laurie has helped in that area.  We want to continue with her as along as we can."

Thanks, Greg Brown

Edgewood High School Girls Basketball Coach

I just wanted to say that after 2 workouts with Laurie Pirtle, my daughter is so thrilled. My daughter comes home beaming with pride and motivated to work even harder in her off season to continue to improve herself. I personally observed the workout today and I am thoroughly impressed. I can say that Alexis has never had this type of coaching before and we are honored to be able to have this opportunity. Thank you so much Coach Pirtle!!  "I have had my kids exposed to many coaches but I have never seen my child respond like they do to you."
"Please tell Coach Pirtle thank you so much. Ross loved it and has learned a lot.  Coach Pirtle is one amazing teacher."   "Laurie, your videos are awesome.  I went to your camp and I was amazed by your skills so I bought the workouts.  My game has improved tremendously.  Thank you so much. " 
"I am really starting to see the results on the floor while I am playing." "This is a bargain!!"

"Coach Pirtle...This is a THANKS to you about the skills and CONFIDENCE you have given Morgan since she started training with you."

"PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!  Just what I was looking." 


"I am a 7th grade boy's basketball coach and ordered the ballhandling workout.  I thought it was really good and would now like to order the shooting one."

"I have a 6th grade son. I have heard great things about the Half-Court Hoops program and was wondering how I can sign him up for the program."



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