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Solutions for Potential issues with Computer Discs:

1. Upon running the program, you may get an error message that your computer "cannot find the file oc25.dll". This is a Microsoft Windows runtime file that must be located in your Windows\System or Windows\System32 folder(s), depending upon your operating system. However, for different reasons, this file may be missing. A copy of the file is included on your CD and can be copied to your Windows\System folder(s).  This should fix the problem. However, you may need to uninstall/reinstall the Skill Workout.

2. Upon running the program, you may receive an error message that there is a "bad extension or path not found". This has to do with a file named 'msdxm.ocx' that must be included in your Windows/System folder. This file extension is needed to play the video files within the program. The file comes in different versions, depending on your type of Windows operating system. This file may be missing, damaged or needs to be updated. The easiest way to fix the problem is to update your Windows Media Player from the Microsoft website. 

3.  If you are still having trouble playing the multimedia files or receiving a "bad extension" error message, you may need to update your Windows operating system.  The proper drivers must be installed on your computer to improve the functionality of playing multimedia files. You can do this by going to the microsoft.com website and click on Windows Update.  Scan your system for applicable updates.  To keep your system current, all critical updates should be downloaded and installed.  However, you may wish to download and install only the security update(Q320920) for the version of  Windows Media Player on your computer.  This should correct the problem for playback of multimedia files within the program.   

Playing the VideoCD (Disc 2 of the Ballhandling Skill Workout):

1. The VideoCD (VCD) plays in most DVD players. However, your DVD player must be able to play VCD's. This should be noted in your DVD player's manual.

2. To play the VCD on your computer:
    -Insert Disc 2 in your CD-ROM drive
    -Open your Windows Media Player
    -Select File/Open and locate your CD-ROM drive
    -Double click on the folder MPEGAV
    -Be sure that you select ALL FILE types from the drop down menu
    -Double click on the file AVSEQ01

As we all know, computers can be finicky.  If you have any other problems or questions regarding your purchase, please email us at customerservice@halfcourthoops.com or call us at (513)304-9557.  We would be glad to help.

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