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Offensive Moves Skill Workout (click for demo)



  • Teaching by Laurie Pirtle, former University of Cincinnati Women's Basketball Coach

  • Complete explanation of becoming an offensive threat for both posts and guards.  Particular emphasis on moves from the wing in the half court set and during the fast break.

  • Many drills for getting open, squaring up, using fakes, using and reading screens, direct drives, pull up jump shot, keeping dribble alive and re-driving, and getting a good first step.  These moves will make you a scoring machine.

  • Detailed demonstration of footwork and fundamentals of specific moves such as the Step Back, Rockout, Rainbow, Hesitation, CrossBack, etc.

  • Read, Listen and Interact...you control it!!  The menu format makes it easy to find and replay each technique.

  • Instills confidence through knowledge and practice.

  • Includes a Weekly Skill Workout (can be edited with Microsoft Excel)


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