OUR Mission is to help provide knowledge that gives every athlete the power to develop the skills and attitude to take their game to the next level.

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THE PROGRAM:  The Half-Court Hoops Team Unity & Motivation Program is a step-by-step process for developing a positive winning culture within all your sports programs.  It has been developed from 26 years of coaching many different types of teams and players.  Signing up is your next step towards developing team unity and a positive winning atmosphere within your sports programs or business.  All participants will receive a copy of our Cycle of Success guide book.

The program includes specific tools and methods for creating a Cycle of Success that incorporates:

Goal Setting & Process for Achievement


Developing Leadership

Discipline & Accountability

Development of Life Skills

Trust, Respect & Appreciation

Team Cohesion



Importance of Roles

Communication & Resolving Conflict

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

NOTE:  Our program is also extremely beneficial to business managers looking to develop their team unity, fire up their employees, increase satisfaction in the workplace and increase work ethic which leads to better productivity.  Please complete our Contact Form or email customerservice@halfcourthoops.com if you are interested in learning more about how this program might be utilized as an asset to your business.

THE INSTRUCTOR:  Laurie Pirtle has 26 years of experience as a collegiate head coach and her career at the University of Cincinnati was magnificent.  Laurie was not only the head coach of the women's basketball team, but she was an ambassador for the University as she was engaged in a multitude of motivational speaking engagements to fans, students, alumni, businesses, schools, camps, and charity events.  Her passion and motivational speaking abilities are second to none.  Laurie is known to get the best out of her staff and players both on and off the floor.  Laurie is responsible for building the foundation of the basketball program at Capital University and in just four years, led her team to the Division III Final Four.   Check out our About Us page if you would like more information about Coach Pirtle's accomplishments and accolades.

HALF-COURT HOOPS TRIPLE PLAY:  Combine our Team Unity & Motivation Program with a Coach's Consultant during the season and Individual Skill Training in the off season.  The perfect strategy to quickly boost your basketball program to the next level.

Please complete our Contact Form or email customerservice@halfcourthoops.com if you would like more information


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