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Ballhandling Demonstration by Coach Pirtle

Coach Laurie Pirtle

Former University of Cincinnati Head Coach for 21 years

2012 Ohio Basketball

Hall of Fame




Skill Training & Clinics

Small group skill training provided by former University of Cincinnati Head Coach Laurie Pirtle.  Excellent way for the serious player to enhance their skills by one of the best instructors of the game.


Coach's Consultant & Team Practices

Team practice, coaches clinics and consultation for offensive and defensive practice drills, player motivation, special plays, practice review, film review, x's & o's and everything else related to the coaching profession. 



Athletic Gear


Skill Workouts on CD/DVD

Interactive basketball skill workouts on CD and DVD.  Comprehensive workouts to enhance your ballhandling, offense, defense, and shooting.  Excellent tool for coaches to incorporate drills into their practice plans!!


Team Unity & Motivation Program

Step- by- step process for developing team unity through the Cycle of Success.  This program is an excellent source for the coach of any sport.  It includes specific tools and methods for goal setting, mentoring, discipline, motivation, work ethic, leadership, and confidence.













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